Blockchain (R)evolution Event to Feature Top Influencers and Experts Alex Tapscott, Dinis Guarda,


Blockchain (R)evolution is an exclusive event leading up to Consensus 2018 that will reflect on emerging challenges and opportunities within blockchain and cryptofinance. In addition to the lifesdna launch, Blockchain (R)evolution will feature top industry influencers and experts. lifesdna organized Blockchain (R)evolution in concert with Block Theory, which provides business development and marketing strategy for brilliant blockchain ideas.

Alex Tapscott, co-author of the book “Blockchain Revolution,” will showcase updates to the book and the evolution of the DLT revolution. The latest release of the book reveals how artificial intelligence, medical research, government records, healthcare and social impact projects will be particularly influenced by blockchain technology, which has increased in speed, transparency and inclusivity.

The event will also welcome John Edge, MIT Connection Science fellow as well as cofounder and chair of ID2020; Darren Camas, advisor at Emurgo, a venture builder for the Cardano blockchain (ADA); Dinis Guarda, founder and CEO of lifesdna; Richard Titus, founder and CEO of Ark Advisors and Producer of “Who Killed The Electric Car,” Sally Eaves, co-founder of and member of the Forbes Technology Council, Jonny Fry, chairman and co-founder of lifesdna, among other industry leaders.

“Blockchain is becoming mainstream in 2018, and these technologies are becoming the new ‘trust’ protocol of our time. All sectors of society are being challenged by new decentralized models of distributed tech, smart contracts and token economics. Crypto and blockchain are the default foundational technology and platforms to change the world. But how can we do it?” asked Guarda, an accomplished author and founder of thought leadership platform “We are thrilled to feature the best minds, opinion projects and key opinion leaders who will reveal the exciting evolution of blockchain in terms of society, business, technology, finance and culture.”

Attendees can learn more and register at

Join the Blockchain (R)evolution 

Those new to blockchain as well as experts in the field are invited to join the Blockchain (R)evolution and learn how blockchain is changing the world at 5 p.m. on May 13 in the West Village, New York.

Location: 305 Bleecker St., West Village, New York, NY 10014

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