Brad Garlinghouse: ‘Ripple 1000x cheaper and faster than Bitcoin’


Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, had a sit down with Tanaya Macheel from Cheddar, during the Ripple’s Swell 2018 Conference held this week in San Francisco.

When asked what he made of XRPs 100% price increase during the 3 weeks leading up to the Swell event, Garlinghouse said that trying to predict crypto prices is a fool’s errand.

‘You know, there are days I see Bitcoin up, I see Bitcoin down, in ways, I’m like, I don’t understand’.

He then pivots quickly to point out the utility case for XRP.

‘The long term value for any digital asset, is going to be derived from the utitlity it creates’.

‘If we look at what we are doing in the XRP ecosystem, and what others are doing in the XRP ecosystem, we get excited.’

Garlinghouse goes on to say that he thinks that alot of the excitement derives from XRP being extremely efficient.

“I really don’t think about the price performance. I do think about the technical performance. And I think about the fact that XRP is about 1,000 times faster than a Bitcoin transaction and about 1,000 times less expensive than a Bitcoin transaction.’

‘XRP has demonstrated it is the most efficient digital asset to solve a payment problem.’

The question has been asked a million times, of who the next big player in the crypto world will be and Garlinghouse certainly believes it will be XRP.

Garlinghouse adds that he doesn’t know how to think about the price of XRP in three days, three months, or three years even. However, he admits that because they own a lot of XRP, they want there to be a healthy ecosystem.

‘I acknowledge I care about the price of XRP. ‘However, short term’, he says, ‘It is just not something I think about.’

XRP recorded over 5% loss overnight, according to  Unfortunately for XRP investors, the much anticipated launch of Ripple Labs’ xRapid, during the Swell Conference, didn’t yet translate positively into the markets.

Twitter user XRP_News had something to say about that.

Lets hope, this time, history repeats itself.

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