GOPAX now the 5th largest bitcoin exchange in Korea


GOPAX, which stands for Global Online Professional Assets Exchange is now the 5th largest bitcoin exchange in South Korea. This is a solid realization for the practically new exchange. GOPAX was opened by blockchain company Streami on November 13th, 2017. Streami is partnered with Shinhan bank and hires various engineers from Harvard, Stanford, and KAIST.

GOPAX allows trading in Korean won and recent 24-hour trade volume is around 5,000 BTC which makes it the 5th biggest Korean exchange and 30th largest in the world. It currently has 21 coins available for trade.

It’s an exchange where users can trade on the day they register, whereas it usually takes days till one can make their first trade with other exchanges in other countries. Plus, its security measures are shorter and simpler when registering as a new user.

The interface is relatively simple where the exchange shows all the tradeable coins and current market price in a single page. It has features like other exchanges with basic charts and price monitoring where coins are colored in green and red. The charts show market fluctuation timing for each minute, 5 minutes, daily to monthly. Transactions are settled and updated to the second.

Most of the volume on the exchange is coming from Bitcoin and Stellar, taking up 85% of share between the two, and bitcoin holds 60%. GOPAX is looking to keep growing being having been in operation less than six months. The company has been putting in a lot of effort in increasing the number of users, by periodically running promotional events such as discounted or free transaction fees or coin giveaways.

The latest update from the exchange shows the addition of Ripple support as of Friday, March 9th. The Ripple native asset has already rocketed to the 4th most traded coin on GOPAX, doing over $1 million dollars in trade over the past 24-hours from the time of publishing.

# Name Pair Volume (24h) Price Volume (%)
1 Bitcoin BTC/KRW $23,880,600 $9,380.55 61.50%
2 Stellar XLM/KRW $9,580,610 $0.298600 24.67%
3 Ethereum ETH/KRW $1,735,380 $719.74 4.47%
4 Ripple XRP/KRW $1,044,200 $0.809412 2.69%


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