Ripple’s Swell Crypto Event Welcomes Bill Clinton and Counting Crows as Headliners


Counting Crows to Perform at Swell

Swell, an event hosted by Ripple that will take place on October 1st, will enable a discussion o finance and blockchain and it will also feature over five-hundred industry experts who are committed to changing the way money moves around the world.

Bill Clinton will be the keynote speaker and other global banking leaders, such as Banco Santander and Siam Commercial Bank will also discuss Ripple’s blockchain technology and how it has provided them new opportunities in remittances all around the world.

Investors will also have a session and payment platforms such as Cuallix IDT, InstaRem and BeeTech will be able to address a range of topics “from cheaper and faster payments through RippleNet to digital asset adoption across the financial services industry.”

Day two will feature Amy Radin, the author and Fortune 100 chief innovation officer, Ben Braybn, head of Level39, and Tokunboh Ishmael, chairwomen of the African Capital Association and managing director of Alitheia Capital. Each will discusses how they ended up embracing disruptive technology as part of their organizational method.

Event attendees will be able to connect directly with one another to establish new corridors and services using RippleNet and they will have an opportunity to explore the partnerships in a lightening round.

Ripple’s members have been active in the community and have attended many events. Chris Larsen, Ripple’s co-founder, attended Crypto Finance Conference and has been interviewed by Cheddar. He stated in the interview:

Blockchain doesn’t quite capture what’s really going on here. We think what’s happening is really the creation of what we would call an Internet of Value. So we think that has a profound impact on how the world is going to work. Maybe it’s kind of the highest level – we almost see it as the completion of globalization, which is obviously not working for everybody right now.

It’s getting a lot of blowback and I think it’s not because globalization is bad, it’s because it’s incomplete – some key thing is missing, and that key thing is interoperability of money. You have it with data, you have it with goods – shipping containers and modern ports, but you don’t have it with money. Money is still stuck in the ‘70s.

He also discussed Ripple’s competition in the FinTech industry and stated:

It’s good. I mean, it’s kind of gratifying to see that, you know, we’ve been doing this now, focusing on cross-border payments for enterprises for four years plus. It’s good ot see people finally realizing yes, this is the area that’s going to have the highest impact […] We’ve been at it for longer than anybody, and what matters here is what quarters you have, number of partners – we have hundreds of banks and payment providers […] Not just in experimentation mode but full production mode.

As for the lawsuit affecting the platform, he mentioned:

You’re always going to see these big players who are going to take advantage of the way the legal system enables an opportunity to do things like that. But we think these things have no merit, and have some of those players have long histories of doing just this kind of thing. So we’re very confident about what Ripple is doing, and we’re very confident about where this industry is going in a positive way.

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