Snoop Dogg Fails To Mention XRP At Ripple’s Party


A party organized to garner support for Ripple’s XRP seemed to miss the mark as the invited artiste Snoop Dogg, who was billed to perform at the XRP Community Night failed to mention a word concerning the cryptocurrency which is associated with the San Francisco startup Ripple.

Funny enough, a lot of the community members were conspicuously absent, turning the party into what looked like a staff Christmas party.

Snoop Dogg was billed to perform at the XRP Community Night on Tuesday as part of the activities marking the inaugural New York Blockchain Week. It was intended to provide some hype for the cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned.

While similar events in the past had served as an opportunity for celebrities like Floyd Mayweather, Dennis Rodman and Paris Hilton to give media hype to some cryptocurrencies, the Tuesday Night party failed to produce the effect it was meant to produce.

This left a lot of people wondering what could have gone wrong. Trust keen observers who noticed that the 46-year-old rapper eulogized the trading app provider Robinhood in January for “putting tha Crip in Crypto!” following an announcement by the company that they were launching bitcoin and ether trading.

Disappointments as XRP was not mentioned at the party

One of the guys who was at the party simply concluded that “Snoop’s a talker,” feeling completely disappointed that the rapper didn’t have anything to say about XRP.

It was a big surprise that the #XRPArmy that has always risen in defense of the crypto and waving aside any bad news regarding it as “garbage,” “FUD” and “fake news” was nowhere to be found.

A question even came from the online XRP community which seemed to have noticed the not too encouraging development. One of the members simply asked,

Has anyone seen any pics yet of last night’s party of the actual XRP community and not Ripple employees?

Probing further, the writer said, “From what I have seen so far it seems to have been more like a staff Christmas party than a party hosted for the XRP community.”

Mix up between Ripple and XRP

The Tuesday Night Party is said to have been attended majorly by employees of Ripple which made up a third of the “XRP Community” and all wore t-shirts that conspicuously displayed the XRP logo – a disconnected X, making attendees to wonder if Ripple’s director of regulatory relations Ryan Zagone’s insistence before a UK parliament hearing a couple weeks prior that there was no connection between XRP and Ripple the company was indeed true.

If anything was true, it’s the fact that the purpose for which Snoop Dogg was hired to perform at the party was obviously not realized.

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