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Chinese Blockchain-Related Company Xunlei Reports $45.3 Million Q3 Revenue

Chinese desktop software and blockchain-related company Xunlei has published its Q3 report Wednesday, Nov. 14. According to the report, the firm’s revenue increased...

Crypto giant Ripple opens office in Dubai

Ripple, the San Francisco-based blockchain company behind the world’s third-largest cryptocurrency, XRP has announced it is entering the Middle East through an...

Digital identity, the blockchain and the GDPR: A round peg in a square hole?

Sometimes in the tech industry you have to work with opposing needs or even contradictions. Often, we find ourselves in a situation of...

Healthcare Blockchain Is Poised to Transform Patient Care

November 16, 2018 - Healthcare blockchain technology has the potential to transform patient care, observed Bill Frist, a heart and lung transplant surgeon, former...