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ETH Dips Perfect for Bulls Aiming at $300

Ethereum prices are slowing down. At the back of last week’s eight percent gains, prices are ranging in lower time frames. Even though...

Cryptocurrency Prices Highly Correlated to Regulatory Action: BIS Report

New research has found that, despite the popular idea that cryptocurrencies operate generally outside the reach of national regulators, regulatory actions still...

Green Energy Bitcoin Mining Will Have ‘Insignificant Environmental Impact’

As the Bitcoin network grows, so too does the concern around its environmental impact, and with good reason. Bitcoin consumes more electricity...

As English burns, Scrabble plays the fiddle adding 300 words like Bitcoin, botnet and...

Attention, Scrabble enthusiasts! A whopping 300 new words have been added to Merriam-Webster’s Official Scrabble Players Dictionary, including a few that are sure to...