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StellarX Co-Founder Details Why ICOs Shouldn’t Be Held on Ethereum in New Research Paper

A StellarX co-founder has released a new research project that describes why ICOs shouldn’t be held on the Ethereum network.While we finish up...

Cryptocurrency miners dig deeper as Bitcoin falls

With Bitcoin falling, you might expect mining activity to follow. That hasn’t happened. The combination of declining prices and a rising hash rate —...

Use of Ripple as a Cross-Border Solution Confirmed by Kuwait Finance House (KFH) •...

Kuwait Finance House (KFH) has released a video on YouTube that’s generating a lot of buzz about its latest cross-border transaction powered by Ripple...

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Watch: Could This Be a Reversal Pattern?

Bitcoin Price Key HighlightsBitcoin price appears to be forming an inverse head and shoulders pattern on its 1-hour time frame.This is considered a...

Bitcoin Futures Trader Discusses Bitcoin Price Points, Significance of ETFs

Investor and Bitcoin futures trader Jeff Kilburg spoke with CNBC today about his continued enthusiasm for investing in the digital currency, despite lows...