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Litecoin [LTC] Creator Charlie Lee’s Twitter account hacked? Followers panic!

Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, the Vegeta to Bitcoin’s Goku duped the whole cryptoverse with one tweet. The tweet left a lot of...

Back From Blockchain Week: Crypto Kitties, Truck Platoons And More

As Sanjay returned from Blockchain Week in New York, the first message on his iPhone (when he turned it on at an altitude...

‘We now support direct Litecoin [LTC] deposits and withdrawals!’ tweets Abra

'We now support direct Litecoin deposits and withdrawals!' tweets Abra  AMBCryptoLitecoin (LTC) Advances – Its Value Might Surpass Old Records in 2018  GlobalCoinReportAbra Opens...

Is Ethereum Apple? Or Is It IBM?

San Francisco’s first real rush of real wealth had nothing to do with Facebook or Google, but it had everything to do with...