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Bitcoin (BTC) Falls To $3,400, Crypto Shorts Ramp Up — Sell-Off Inbound?

Bitcoin Fails To Breakout, BTC Stumbles To $3,400  — Altcoins Follow Suit After days of unrest in the industry, and the perpetuation of a seemingly...

China: Cryptocurrency STOs Are Illegal Forms of Fundraising, Violators Will Be “Kicked Out”

China’s central and largest bank by market capitalization has officially banned all security token offerings (STO) and any related investment and businesses involved...

Galaxy S10 might ship with a secure cold crypto wallet for storing Bitcoin –...

One of the newest trends in mobile is Bitcoin and the blockchain, although only a few companies are ready to offer phones featuring...

What is a bear market in cryptocurrency?

A bear market in any industry is when a market which shares prices is falling and encouraging selling. There have been many bear...