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World-renowned futurist believes blockchain is about to change lives

Sydney-based Futurist and Innovation Strategist, Anders Sorman-Nilsson ...

What to expect from Bitcoin in 2019

Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies have had a tumultuous year, with steady price drops affecting investor confidence and the interest of miners. A prolonged...

TokenizEU Chooses Ravencoin over Ethereum for Security Token Issuance

TokenizEU, a European-based platform which aims to help companies issue EU-compliant security tokens, has committed to using Ravencoin as...

Cryptocurrency Bear Market Is Causing Layoffs, Closures and Even Waning Interest From Job Seekers

Last year’s cryptocurrency boom likewise created a corresponding rise in job openings in the crypto...

essDocs to launch blockchain solution in early 2019

Paperless trade platform provider essDocs will launch a series of blockchain-based...