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BCG Report Offers ‘Reality Check’ for Blockchain in Commodities Trading

Major U.S. consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has released an in-depth report August 16, which it dubs a “reality check” for the...

High Times Rescinds Claim to Accept Cryptocurrency During IPO

Earlier this month, High Times magazine announced that they will be accepting cryptocurrency as the first-ever Nasdaq IPO to do so. However, a...

Ethereum’s Sell-Off Marks a Bottom for Cryptos

After trading through (and surviving) the dot-com bubble, I never thought we’d see another mania in my lifetime. To my surprise, the cryptocurrency...

Bitcoin Permabull Brian Kelly Remains As Bullish As Ever

Brian Kelly, CNBC’s foremost crypto analyst, has long been held as a Bitcoin permabull in the eyes of many. His most recent appearance on CNBC only cemented...