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Bitcoin mining uses so much electricity that one city will pull the plug during...

On the day of the grand opening of the largest bitcoin mining project in the country, the weather was partly cloudy and 15...

WEF — Blockchain Could Improve Multiple Spheres of Global Economy

If recent reports come to fruition, blockchain technology has the potential to have a massive financial impact on the global trade industry.The World...

Bitcoin Takes a Breather and Falls Below $6,700, Losses Across the Board

Since September 18, within six days, the crypto market added $34 billion to its valuation. After a massive short-term rally, Bitcoin has...

What’s Behind the Rise of Ripple’s XRP?

Share Tweet Share Share Share Print Email What can you say about a cryptocurrency that shows a meteoric rise, surging more than 80 percent in a day? That maybe … you...

The Case For Trusting Bitcoin

Introduction Recently a bug was discovered in the Bitcoin (BTC-USD)(COIN)(OTCQX:GBTC) software affecting many different software implementations including Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin ABC, and even...