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$17 Billion Wiped From the Cryptocurrency Market in 24 Hours

In the past 24 hours, investors have seen over $17 billion wiped from the cryptocurrency...

Cryptocurrency vs Cryptographic Tokens: Benefits, Features & Rewards

What’s The Difference Between A Cryptocurrency, A Token, And A Cryptographic Token? When we talk about cryptocurrencies, we’re collectively referring to digital tokens like...

South Korea: Reports of 10% Tax on Cryptocurrency Gains Are Fake

10% Tax on Crypto Grains is Fake NewsTaxation has been a hot topic in the cryptocurrency world this year. Governments want their piece...

Litecoin [LTC] victim of bearish market: Lowest drop in 2018!

Litecoin has a bunch of supporters, Charlie Lee, the creator of LTC has been the major lead. The coin was doing well until it...

Ripple (XRP) is 81% Cheaper than Your Bank as BBVA Bank comes Onboard

When it comes to banking, consumers do not look at how the prestigious the institution is; they first analyze the cost of transaction...