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Indian Government to Draft Cryptocurrency Regulation Next Month

The Indian government is reportedly getting ready with draft regulations on cryptocurrencies next month.The finance ministry set up a panel in November 2017...

North Korea Announces International Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit

If you’re a crypto enthusiast and adventurer with no plans for April 2019, perhaps you can merge your two passions and attend the...

Ripple (XRP) Briefly Takes over from Ethereum as Market Crashes amid the Bitcoin Cash...

Yesterday, Dr. Craig Wright announced on Twitter that he was prepared to take Bitcoin (BTC) all the way down to $1000 if that...

Stablecoin Expert Eric Lamison-White Discusses All Things Cryptocurrency

Today on Digital Trends Live, we brought on cryptocurrency expert Eric Lamison-White to help us understand Bitcoin and the ecosystem it lives within. Lamison-White‘s...