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Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are Not Store of Value [Yet]

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn It will take a long time for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to attain the status of a store-of-value asset, said...

Canada Presents Three Possible Cryptocurrency Regulations In Anti-Money Laundering Committee

/latest/2018/11/canada-presents-three-possible-cryptocurrency-regulations-in-anti-money-laundering-committee/ Canada Presents Three Possible Cryptocurrency Regulations In...

Simplifying Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Their Real Estate Applications |

Sensational headlines and a heavy lean on technological language can make today’s resources on bitcoin and blockchain difficult to understand—and, difficult to recognize...

Bitcoin’s repeated splits undermine its long-term value

Cryptocurrencies have been crashing again. Bitcoin has slumped to its lowest price in more than a year. More than $600bn in claimed “market...

In 2017 Bitcoin Went From $5.5k to $19k in 33 Days, Not Impossible in...

Mainstream media, renowned economists and other crypto critics have killed Bitcoin more than 300 times since its launch. But the digital currency always...