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Crypto Markets See Flush of Green as Bitcoin Moves Closer to $5,600

Sunday, Nov. 18: after a tumultuous week, the crypto markets are today signalling recovery, with most of the top ten cryptocurrencies seeing healthy...

The Advantages of a Faster Blockchain for Global and Financial Institutions

Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly integrated into the mainstream, beyond the popular cryptocurrency market. Even traditional financial institutions, banks, investment companies, etc., which...

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are Not Store of Value [Yet]

Twitter Facebook LinkedIn It will take a long time for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to attain the status of a store-of-value asset, said...

Canada Presents Three Possible Cryptocurrency Regulations In Anti-Money Laundering Committee

/latest/2018/11/canada-presents-three-possible-cryptocurrency-regulations-in-anti-money-laundering-committee/ Canada Presents Three Possible Cryptocurrency Regulations In...

Simplifying Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Their Real Estate Applications |

Sensational headlines and a heavy lean on technological language can make today’s resources on bitcoin and blockchain difficult to understand—and, difficult to recognize...