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Ripple Price Prediction: Will Ripple Trade As High As $5 in the Coming Months?

For some time now, the price of XRP has been below one dollar which is far from the all-time high of $3 per...

Four Podcasts That Will Give You a Deeper Understanding of Energy-Blockchain

If December of 2017 was the peak of theblockchainhype cycle, then December of 2018 is the beginning of the slope of enlightenment. Somewhere within...

Bitcoin Oversold on Weekly Price Chart for First Time in Four Years

A key long-term bitcoin (BTC) price indicator is reporting oversold conditions...

ETH/USD Main Support at $83, Fall to $2?

Latest Ethereum News Unfortunately for blockchain development, the near perpendicular fall in digital asset prices precipitated partly thanks to regulator fear mongering and their...

SWIFT delays and flaws increase

Swift flaws show a need blockchain and cryptocurrency to take over cross-border payments. “Timely reminder of why our Ripple mission is...