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Blockchain at UCLA provides information to students, leads to course on topic

A student group at UCLA helped create a new engineering course which will focus on a cryptocurrency technology called Blockchain. The new course...

Cryptocurrency Future Forecast: Mike Novogratz Warns Cryptocurrency Community About The Future Of Cryptocurrencies

If you’re still holding cryptocurrencies at this time, you’re a true believer. Since the 2017 bull run that took the price of BTC...

Analysis: Cryptocurrency Point of Sales (PoS) Platforms Could Fuel Global Crypto Adoption

While the cryptocurrency markets bull run of 2017 succeeded in bringing digital assets global consciousness, the rollercoaster ride did very little to increase...

Facebook’s Bet on Blockchain—Four More Job Postings

Facebook is filling positions for four different blockchain engineering roles. The announcement comes after David Marcus—former head of Messenger, and the previous president...