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Freight matching platform Doft is offering its users a stake in the company through its cryptocurrency Doftcoin.

Photo courtesy Doft

Silicon Valley-based truck-sharing startup Do Freight Transportation (Doft) has announced the initial offering of a cryptocurrency called Doftcoin for truckers, carriers, and shippers the trucking community.

Doftcoin is being offered to all Doft users including truck drivers, third-party logistics companies and shippers, which the company states will allow owners to reap the benefits of being part of a crowd-managed company. Doft is mobile app-based freight matching service that allows truckers to shippers to match freight with available capacity in an on-demand manner.

Buyers of Doftcoin during the Pre-ICO (initial currency offering) will receive a commission on freight transportation through Doft which could lead to an average savings of $100 on each freight transportation, according to the company. Early buyers will also receive 50% more coins than those who buy during the ICO later this year. While Doftcoin is available to all users, the company stated that it is actively targeting owner operators and truck drivers.

The funds generated from selling Doftcoin will be used for technological improvement and business development, including marketing and expansion, according to Doft.

“Doft is offering its contributors the chance to play a longer term role in the trucking revolution by owning cryptocurrency of the fast-scaling on-demand trucking startup’, said Doft CEO, Dmitri Fedorchenko. “New coin holders will enjoy the benefits of being part of a crowd-managed company that offers opportunities of growth and development within the industry”.

To participate in Doft’s Pre-ICO, visit Doft’s official website on September 29, where instructions for Pre-ICO participants are available.

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