You Can Now Send and Receive Litecoin Over SMS


Litecoin Summit 2018 hosted by Litecoin foundation went smooth and flooded various media and social channels with tons of positive information and announcements. One of them is actually extraordinary and worth to follow – thanks to you can now send and receive Litecoin over SMS.

This idea was already presented by Zulu Republic team as ‘soon to be released‘ tool on August 9, 2018, but nothing really was confirmed or presented till now. A leaked photo from Litecoin Summit 2018 clearly shows confirmation of going live.

Currently will be only available in the U.S. but other countries will include soon.

How does it work?

With a simple SMS or Telegram message, you’ll be able to check your Litecoin balance, reveal a receiving address for incoming transactions, and send money to anyone with a mobile phone number, telegram account, or Litecoin address.

All transactions are then available on the public blockchain where they can be easily verified. For in-depth explanation proceed to official website.

64% of the human population have mobile phones in general, which means there are about twice as many people with SMS capability than there are with mobile internet.

That gives us a huge opportunity to open up cryptocurrency access to a much larger segment of the global population, including the most disadvantaged among us.

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